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What kind of job did I get for the summer

I’m home for the summer so it time for me to start looking for a job.

I apply to Ghirardelli, then got a phone call to make a interview. Next I got Through my first interview which was not to bad but it was kind of hard to hear in the place. Then they invited me back for another interview two days after. I’m still not sure if I’m the right person for the job but we won’t know until after the second interview. They seem very busy so they will call me on Tuesday if I get the job or if I still want the job call them Tuesday. Sadly I wasn’t sure if it was the right place for me to work at and so I didn’t call back.

I also apply at the Academy of Sciences. Next I got a phone screening which then led me to an interview for the first week of June. Which I did not go to because I changed my mind.

I also apply to pet food Express and got a phone call but I was still unsure if I wanted the job so I had left it to voicemail. Though once I had called back, I just wanted it to be over and didn’t pass the phone screening which was fine.

I’m still doing babysitting every now and then which is great for some extra money.

However if the science academy doesn’t work out, I can always keep looking since not all college are out yet. I still have my old job as a backup for if the other jobs don’t work out.

Finally the day I looking forward to in order to see if I get the job or not and here are the results:

I got a call back from my old job at the dentist office and will be working there for the rest of my summer break.

Thanks for reading and tell me down below what summer job did you get or have now.?

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