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My Summer 2019 Overview

My summer started back in May of 2019. it was a very slow May because I was looking for a job while I was hanging out with friends, camping with family, and ending my last day of working before going back to school at RIT for my second year.

Beginning of the summer 

My summer started out slow because I had nothing to do while I was looking for a job. I first called my last summer job if I could get it back. then I looked at three other jobs, one which I got two interviews and the second job, I didn’t want to work then for the last job, I did get an interview but didn’t go too because I got a call back on my old job.

June 17 to Aug 20th

Finally, after looking for a job, I got a call to work at an old job as a dental assistant. which I worked until Aug 20th.

Hanging out with Friends 

When I was working during the summer, I was also hanging out with friends on some weekdays and weekends.

where we went during the summer

  • we went to see the lion king
  • we had our every year bonfire at ocean beach
  • we went to the academy of sciences
  • we went to the exploratorium
  • off the grid Sunday
  • the Walt Disney museum
  • other things that I can’t remember


in Aug, I had one week off working and so with my family including my dog Finn and some of my brother and sisters friend. we all went up to Pinecrest to camp out under the stars as our last trip before everyone when off back to new or old schools.

What some of them did

  • hiking around the lake which was 5milles from the campground
  • swim in the lake
  • other things as well

This concludes my summer 2019 

Thanks for reading !!

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